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Jonelle Vette is a singer, session singer, songwriter and lyric / songwriting educator. Her music is available at most major online streaming services, and at She is passionate about performing, arts education, and exploring ways the arts can bring people together and enhance lives. Contact her today about a workshop, session singing, collaborations or bookings.

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“Jonelle’s songwriting workshops gave us an exclusive tour behind the craft of lyric writing. She invited us to observe some of the structure behind a song, and how to keep the listener’s attention from beginning to end. After every session, we walked away with at least one clear tool to work with … If Jonelle’s ship happens to pass your shores … try to get on board!”  B. Heens – songwriter, producer, designer, teacher & participant in “Exploring Lyrics” (a 3 part, 9-hour workshop)

 “Thanks for the invigorating workshop. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to feel there was space to delve into any aspect of the topic that interested us, and to then get knowledgable answers to all those questions. Nice group of people, too. :-)” G. Arnold – screenwriter & participant in “Productive Repetition”


 “Very good workshop! It has provided new ways to think about and write lyrics.” – T. Edholm – songwriter & professional musician

“Great meetup, we got a lot of tips on how to improve our songwriting skills!” – Anna-Karin Berqvist, songwriter hobbyist

“Her voice is like the time-traveling purr of Margo Timmins of Cowboy Junkies meeting the attitude of Deborah Harry. Her ability to craft perfect songs makes her a real, rare force to be reckoned with. I hope we get to make another record someday soon, and can’t wait to hear more of what she comes up with.” –  Rob Giles, Producer/Songwriter/Bassist +Singer for the LA-based band, “The Rescues” & “Circa Zero”


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